SlicerCMF (Cranio Maxillo Facial) is a customized version of 3D Slicer that packages cutting-edge image analysis for dental and craniofacial data sets. SlicerCMF is developed by DCBIA, a team of clinical researchers, computer scientists and engineers. SlicerCMF intends to address the following gaps between clinical choices and effective treatments: (a) a lack of quantitative imaging biomarkers of bone structure; (b) limitations in techniques to assess treatment effects and quantify degradation or repair of bone; (c) a lack of software and training for the use in dental research.

An open-source, free comprehensive software that will allow dental researchers scientists to support patient-specific decision making and assessment of the disease progression via registration of serial images. The DCBIA team gratefully acknowledge funding for this project provided by NIH NIBIB/NIDCR R01DE024450 (Quantification of 3D bony changes in Temporomandibular Joint Osteoarthritis), as well as the Slicer community.